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FICX-Paris at the Temple

The Carreau du Temple is located in the heart of Paris in the 3rd district.

It is listed as a historical monument, and is located at the entrance of the Marais, one of the liveliest districts in Paris, with its contemporary art galleries, museums (Picasso Museum, Museum of Hunting, Carnavalet Museum, Beaubourg Museum … ), its restaurants, its design shops and its applied art school.

This venue is part of our approach to opening and extending custom knife making to a new audience, fond of quality and creative objects.

The history

The Templar Knights

At the beginning of the 12th century, the Knights of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem receive as gifts from the King the lands that constitute the enclosure of the Temple.
Surrounded by a 8 meters high battlement, reinforced in the 13th century by a donjon, the enclosure is the central place of the order in the west.
After the failure of the Crusades and the arrest of the Templars, the order was dissolved in February 1314.
The Temple retained its name.

In the middle Ages

The Temple becomes the home of the Grand Priory of France.
In the seventeenth century, many hotels rose in the enclosure, sought by the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie. Artists and good spirits lived there.
In 1786, the enclosure had about 4000 inhabitants.

End of the enclosure of the Temple, birth of the Market

In the eighteenth century, the Revolution seized the enclosure, the church was demolished in 1796, then the Tower of the Temple by Napoleon.
The Carreau du Temple was built in the early nineteenth century on the site of the Templar’s enclosure.
Created in 1807, it is primarily a market for old linen, consisting of 4 wooden pavilions. A rotunda behind the market for the same use belongs to a private.

The Carreau du Temple

The market is entirely rebuilt in steel and glass in 1863, facing the square of the temple created in 1857.
Composed of 6 pavilions, the market covers 23,000 square meters.

The building today

4 of the 6 buildings were destroyed in 1905, replaced by new buildings. Only remains the part standing between the street Eugene Spuller and the rue de Picardie, which will itself be amputated a few years later for the realization of a building of social housing.

The market now counts only 171 places.

Latest renovation

The Carreau du Temple will have many functions until 2011, when archaeological excavations are carried out and then development work is done.
This new space offers cultural and sporting activities and will host many public events.